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This is an article that appeared on a web site following a conversation with the web site owner. Our thanks to Huck for permission to include it on the www.tlcvacations.com web site.

Tennessee Lakefront Cottages may be one of the last throw back getaway locations where you can relax. Tennessee Lakefront Cottages are a thing of the past by today's standards. Tennessee Lakefront Cottages may be a vacation experience that your kids may not be able to give their kids. It's a vacation hot spot in Tennessee that provides you with a lake cottage of your own. Odds are if you're reading this, you haven't heard about Tennessee Lakefront Cottages. But you're about to. You may want to consider this option for your next Tennessee getaway, holiday or vacation. By the way, after you read this article about the best keep secret vacation hot spot I've found in recent years, GET OFF YOUR COMPUTER, AND GO ENJOY THE DAY OUTSIDE!!!

Listen up, are you tired of the usual vacation spots where everyone goes, and it takes more out of you than going to work everyday? And then you need a vacation from the vacation! Well I have found Tennessee Lakefront Cottages, a place you'll want to visit where you'll actually get a vacation. You know, relax and forget about what you wanted to get away from in the first place. Just looking at the pictures on the TLC web site should relax you. Now imagine actually being there and smelling something you haven't in years - fresh, clean air!! Then imagine lots of fish, lots of birds and nature with lots of restaurants on Watts Bar Lake, easily reached by boat or car!

Yeah, I'll admit, even Huck gets tired of worrying about everything, and then wants to getaway from it all. I decided I wanted to get away for a few days - escape to get refreshed. My brain was shorting out over the day-to-day stuff, and I figured it was about time to do something about it. But I don't want to go where I've been before, and I sure don't want to go where I can't relax.

So I started searching the web and after a lot of checking and calling, I found a place that seemed too good to be true and wasn't too far away. I called them and talked for a while to the owner of this resort in east Tennessee who caters to people who want a TN lake getaway from it all, even if only for a few short days. I spoke to Linda Shearer whose business is called Tennessee Lakefront Cottages. Their web site address is: www.tlcvacations.com/. Check it out for detailed information. Linda raves on and on about this Watts Bar Lake. She's this lake's best ambassador, but she claims that once you get there, Watts Bar Lake sells itself. She insists that I won't want to get out once I'm there, which reminds me of when we were kids swimming in the pool and didn't want to get out when our parents told us to. (LOL)

TLC (short for Tennessee Lakefront Cottages) has 8 different privately owned homes on Watts Bar Lake, TN and is growing. Each one is different but all are right on the lake with their own docks so you can bring your own boat or rent one from a nearby marina (jet skis, pontoon boats, speed boats, rowboats boats with small motors) and keep it at your dock at your TN lake cabin during your stay. You can rent an efficiency that has a hot tub, pool table, baby grand piano, fully equipped kitchen, or anything in between up to a 3500 sq. ft. home with Jacuzzi that sleeps 12! TLC supplies everything but food and clothes. Clothes? Who needs clothes on a vacation? Just bring the food and drinks! Listen to the names of these cottages - Dockside 4 2, Tranquillity Bay, Red Haven Cove, Heron Hollow, Secret Rendezvous, Sunset Bay, CC's Lake Lodge, and Dreamland Lake Lodge - sounds enticing to me!! Which one to pick?

Linda told me Watts Bar Lake is located southwest of Knoxville, north of Chattanooga, west of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. It's the Granddaddy of the "Southern Great Lakes." Ah, ya know, get out a map and see for yourself. It's about an hour from either Knoxville or Chattanooga airports. If you are driving, check out the directions button on the web site. It will give you directions from your home to TLC and show you a map.

But back to Watts Bar Lake, this lake is huge - lots of islands and peninsulas and the fishing is great. It's also known for sandy beaches, warm water, swimming, jet skiing, and boating, tubing, and water skiing. You can get lost on this lake. Linda told me last summer, she got a cell phone call from a lady who rented a pontoon boat and had 3 small children with her and got lost on her way back to her rental cabin.

Linda had to track her down by boat and lead her back home. Guess there's a reason for the name TLC. Such are the perils of Watts Bar Lake. The lady maybe should have had a map, but who thinks when you're on vacation? Minds are on vacation too.

Linda carries on about all the birds - Bald Eagles (cool), Ospreys, Great Blue Herons, and others I can't remember. I guess there are a lot of different ones. She also says you can go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee River, play golf at the Jack Nicklaus Bear Trace golf course in Crossville, TN, go to Dollywood in Sevierville, buy souvenirs in Gatlinburg, gamble in Cherokee, NC, visit some of the Civil War battlegrounds in Chattanooga, go to Lookout Mountain / Rock City/ Ruby Falls, or her favorite, do absolutely nothin' except watch the waves go by while floating on an air mattress with Mzzz. Rumba Collins at your side.

All of these Tennessee activities are an easy driving distance from TLC except for the water stuff - that's right outside your door. There are lots of restaurants on the lake you can go to by boat or land, and there's a little obscure country grocery store called Hackler's Grocery in Ten Mile, TN that sells the very best primo filet mignon on the face of this planet. Hmm- I'll have to try that for myself!

One of the restaurants you can get to by boat or car, The Lighthouse, has earth shattering views of Watts Bar Lake from every table - that's what Linda says! You can dine outside on the deck or inside where it's cool and there's a live band every weekend and karaoke always so you can make a fool of yourself anytime you want. Another floating restaurant (The Landing) is Jimmy Buffet atmosphere and has a live band on the weekends. The point is, as Linda says, TLC is for lake lovers who want to escape and be pampered and stay in a nice lake home on Watts Bar Lake. It's all there. What you make of it is up to you. Wander off or become a lake bum - hmm, that's a good thought.

Anyway, enough said. It gets your mind to thinkin' about great places to go in this wonderful country! There are many great places to see in America, and y'all, I'm planning on going to one of them.